Hey, Miss Daisy

Time is priceless, you know

Father time tells me so

Perhaps more caffeine

Will kickstart my being

I’ve been on a roll

Trying to meet my goals

Before the new year

Which is almost here!

Now you see Miss Daisy

I’m really not lazy

No, it hasn’t slipped my mind

That you were so kind

Oh, you made my day

by sending that sunshiny ray

Even though my blog is award free

Your nomination is a bundle of hugs to me


Thank you to my friend Daisy In The Willows, “The WOW and woe moments of an irrepressible woman” Daisy in the Willows  




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  1. Very beautiful πŸŒΏπŸπŸ€πŸŒ»πŸŒ»

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  2. What a lovely tribute you paid back Eugenia.. Lovely poem.. xxx

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  3. ha ha! Just seen this. Thank you ! Many more sunshine and coffee sent your way xxx

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  1. Hey, Miss Daisy β€” BrewNSpew | Daisy in the Willows
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