Confused Memories


232721-Abstract-Glitter (1)

Perception overwhelmed with sensation

Aromatic memories still linger

Nere forgotten will be complexity of character

Confused  puzzlement lost in a maze

Tears of crystal fall from my eyes





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16 thoughts on “Confused Memories”

  1. Hey Eugenia,

    How are you doing?

    I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughtful poem, thank you. I’ve sat for a while unpacking its sentiment whilst pondering the reality and reliability of what constitutes our memory. I wonder at how much we embellish or add to memories because we forget so much so quickly? I wonder as well if our sentimental heart is a far more accurate reflector of the full truth of our experience when it comes to recalling memories. Heart aches always prevail as too the joyous miraculous and the remarkable (like childhood 🙂 ) The ‘complexity of character’ and ‘aromatic’ describe so well the totality of memory as an immersive experience. The the last line leaves one asking the question, are the tears that fall those of joy or woe? I hope the former 🙂

    Another artfully crafted slice of poetry served with a side helping of hypnotic image. Thank you Eugenia.

    Take care in all ways.

    Namaste 🙂


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    1. I like how you analyzed the poem, Reena. Isn’t that what poetry is about is for the reader to enjoy their perception of the written words? Thus the reason I love to read and write poetry.

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