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Today, one of my fellow bloggers asked if I had an About Me page. I sifted through by blogs and didn’t find where I had a separate page dedicated to me, myself and me.

If I had one, it has vanished or maybe I never created one.  Cobwebs in the attic?

So, does that mean I have lost me?  Oh my, where oh where can I be?  I’ll look around and see if I can find myself.  This may take awhile so bear with me.

I asked our cat, Amanda, and she thought I was out on the back porch, sipping coffee.  My husband thought so, as well, and lo and behold, that’s where they found me!  Yep, the three of us can be pretty ditsy, know what I mean?Amanda

Well, now that I am here or there, or wherever, I can ponder this About Me page.

So, here we…

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  1. Lost you?
    That would be real bad! 🙂 There’s a diagnosis for that! (A …..)

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  2. Nonononono. You are supposed to have created a post bookmarked up at the top, and in it given a complete biopsy … I mean biography … with all sorts of personal information. This, so that other bloggers can assess whether or not you are a kindred spirit. A lover of chocolate, for example, will be able to unfollow you if you say you hate the stuff.

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