Gentle Breeze (For Glen Campbell, (1936-2017)

Darkness of His Dreams


Counting the dirty cracks in the sidewalk,
Listening to a great old song,
Echoing through my ears,
Whispered on a warm summer breeze
From a southern night, long ago.

Memory’s door is always open,
The path is free to tread:
A little boy singing with the radio,
Rhinestone dreams shared across the miles.

Bedrolls and sleeping bags,
Traveling down the line,
Spotlights and fan mail;
That subway token still inside my shoe.

The caress of your voice still lingers,
Transporting me across the miles,
Through the years,
And keeps you, forever, gentle on my mind.


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10 replies

  1. A wonderfully shared tribute to Glen Campbell.. just so loved his style of music .. 🙂

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  2. My special tribute to a Legend, forever Gentle on Our Minds ..


  3. What a beautiful poem! He will be greatly missed. Thank you for stopping by my place and for the follow. I’ve enjoyed my time looking around here. I’ve always admired those that write poetry and are able to express their thoughts in that matter. Have a great day!


  4. Thank you for sharing.



  1. Gentle Breeze (For Glen Campbell, (1936-2017) — BrewNSpew – Suman Ds Blog

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