Month: September 2017


We must Be a pillar of strength Be wise when we spill our ink Be the I AM what meets the eye Be one to not do one wrong Be one to remain strong  Be loyal and resolute Be there… Read More ›

A Season of Secrets

The autumn breeze, such a tease Nimble moves by dancing leaves   Steps are hidden where we walked Voices silenced as we talked A cryptic past scattered through trees  § This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5… Read More ›

The Tunhovd Fjord

Originally posted on See Norway – Se Norge:
Navnet er i utgangspunktet litt misvisende. Dette er strengt tatt ikke en ‘fjord’, men en innlandssjø på 25.3 kvadratkilometer og med et godt fiske. Sjøen ligger i Nore & Uvdal kommune.  Her…

Jam Session

Perhaps, time has come for confessions A push to evoke digestion Whether wins or fails or tilted tales Of what has evolved but never resolved Were there discussions relevant to digression oppression, progression, succession or suppression? Was ideation put into… Read More ›