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Tidbits and Pieces – the year 1995

General Hodge-Podge

Windows 95 debuts, JavaScript debuts, The beginning of Ebay-the online auction and shopping network debuts, the DVD is announced, Dow Jones closes above 5000 for the first time, Major League Baseball ends their 232-day strike, Megan’s Law is passed (awareness for parents to know there is the presence of convicted sex offenders in their neighborhood), Starbucks debuts its Frappuccino.

World Population 5,674,380,000


Michael Jordan returns to the NBA ending his retirement, Steve Fossett is the first to make a solo flight across the Pacific Ocean in a hot air balloon, OJ Simpson is found innocent

Average Costs

The average annual income is $35,933 while the average cost of a new house is $113,150, average monthly rent is $550, cost of a gallon of gas is 1.09 to fill up a new car at $15,500, a loaf of bread costs 2.02, ground coffee per lb 4.07, a dozen eggs 87 cents.

Cost of a Superbowl ad in 1995 $1,150,000.

Weather Events

Japan shakes due to a 7.3 magnitude quake, Russia trembles due to a 7.6 magnitude quake, a heat wave with temps exceeding 104 degrees sizzles the Midwestern US for 5 consecutive days, 1995 tied with 1887, 2010, 2011 and 2012 in a number of named storms in the Atlantic Basin.

1995 produced 19 named storms, 11 hurricanes, and 5 major hurricanes during the Atlantic Hurricane season


  • The rock group Queen releases their final studio album, Made in Heaven, selling 20 million copies worldwide
  • Cher releases, It’s a Man’s World, her first album in four years, which debuts in the US – June 1996
  • The Grateful Dead perform their final show with Jerry Garcia at Chicago’s Soldier Field in July. Jerry Garcia passes away from a heart attack in August
  • Tommy Lee, drummer for Motley Crue marries Pamela Anderson from Baywatch on a beach in Cancun, Mexico
  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens in Cleveland, OH
  • Mariah Carey debuts her album Daydream at Madison Square Garden
  • Coolio won a Grammy Award for Gangsta’s Paradise, which was named the best single of the year

You’ll never guess what we saw

While hitchin a ride on the seesaw

Guffaw guffaw where’s the flaw

Guffaw guffaw where’s the law

 Noodle the thought of what you’ve been taught

Don’t doubt yourself over what you have sought

Boom shhhocka locka morrows can’t be bought

Don’t muddle the puddle lest you get caught

Life’s an ongoing school three coins in the pool

Zip up your mouth and don’t be a fool

Don’t etch your mind with splintered echoes

You may lose out on the mellow yellows

Buy yourself a pair of stilettos

And rise above those morbid fellows


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  1. Hi, Eugenia,-
    The prices/costs that you mentioned was quite interesting to me:
    An average income in the US today – $ 38 000 In Norway : App. US $ 54 500
    A house: $ 129 000 in Norway $ 275 – 300 000
    And you should not complain (We should!) To fill up a tank of gasoline in Norway will cost you
    approxiimately US$ 90, – (Prices vary throught the day/week and it could even be more if you’re out of luck!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t forget these prices reflect year1995, which all prices are much more inflated in 2017. Since my tags are difficult to see, which indicate the year I am referring to in my post, I will find another way to be more specific


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