Month: October 2017

Think About It

There’s something to be said about a bruised spirit  A memo to oneself to grasp a steadfast pivot Sheeple fret too much about being compliant Losing their sense of being self-reliant Fixed in a soda pop world shutters the mind… Read More ›

Societal Selfie

A senseless collusion creates confusion Visual phenomena or optical illusions Our inner boundaries flawed exclusions? Or wisely thought out conclusions  § This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word illusion. Please drop by… Read More ›

Trust + Worthiness

 It’s unjust not to discuss trust One of several social constructs A social reality no matter the gender Trustworthiness we must render To freely let the social dice roll Inadvertently will take its toll  *  Sincerity is from the heart… Read More ›

Watch it!

Reason can be a thief at any cost Seesaw reactions – a show-biz gloss  Stirring the weak to double-cross Compelling feats considered dross Wearing a bow tie doesn’t make a boss  § This week the event is to Write a story or… Read More ›


To say life is tied with a bow is jugglery Why so long to make this discovery  Is existing in life deemed a luxury  Let’s enjoy the journey to recovery An unlovely but lovely summary  § This week the event… Read More ›