Month: October 2017

Think About It

  There’s something to be said about a bruised spirit  A memo to oneself to grasp a steadfast pivot Sheeple fret too much about being compliant Losing their sense of being self-reliant Fixed in a soda pop world shutters the… Read More ›

Societal Selfie

  A senseless collusion creates confusion Visual phenomena or optical illusions Our inner boundaries flawed exclusions? Or wisely thought out conclusions  -Eugenia     This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word illusion…. Read More ›

Tuesday Chatter 102

Coffee’s on and we’re playing your song. The Tuesday Chatter Cafe is buzzing so have a seat and stay a while! Tis a great place to chat and smile. What happens here doesn’t stay here, so be kind to one… Read More ›


Originally posted on Go Dog Go Café:
By Charles Robert Lindholm the change is so obvious, so dramatic leaves changing color bird’s flying south the chill in the air  nature’s pattern going through another cycle the most vivid and flamboyant…

Trust + Worthiness

    It’s unjust not to discuss trust One of several social constructs A social reality no matter the gender Trustworthiness we must render To freely let the social dice roll Inadvertently will take its toll §  Sincerity is from… Read More ›

Watch it!

  Reason can be a thief at any cost Seesaw reactions – a show-biz gloss  Stirring the weak to double-cross Compelling feats considered dross Wearing a bow tie doesn’t make a boss -Eugenia     This week the event is… Read More ›