Think About It

There’s something to be said about a bruised spirit

 A memo to oneself to grasp a steadfast pivot

Sheeple fret too much about being compliant

Losing their sense of being self-reliant

Fixed in a soda pop world shutters the mind

To question what’s dealt is a positive sign

Having sense enough to get out of the rain

Doesn’t prepare oneself to go against the grain

Inherit personality traits that manifest true grit

Make a joke of the norm and cop the yen to outwit


  Reena’s Exploration Challenge-Week 10


24 responses to “Think About It

  1. You captured it in the first line with ‘a bruised spirit’. One needs to be hurt and injured a little, or too adventurous to take divergent paths. The crescendo builds up to ‘making a joke of the norm.’ Totally loved this, Franci!

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  2. Love both the poem and the picture you chose. Thanks for the shoutout!

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  3. All I can say is you are so very clever! really your poems are always meaningful and clever!

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  4. To question what’s dealt is a positive sign…

    Perfect words to mull over.


  5. An excellent poem Eugenia,
    “Sheeple fret too much about being compliant
    Losing their sense of being self-reliant”,……

    True, we live too much in fear, instead of speaking up for ourselves… But I think Eugenia we are seeing more now taking up that gauntlet and speaking up and out..

    wise poem dear friend… and loved the Owl.. ❤


  6. Good one, Eugenia… yes, there is a much of a muchness going on; but things are changing.

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  7. Love the last line of this poem Eugenia. Excellent poetry.


  8. Thank you, Davy. I especially appreciate comments coming from you since I consider you an excellent poet.


  9. Very aptly put into very verse, every single word a thing of beauty.

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  10. tmezpoetry


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  13. Wonderfully written 😄

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