Month: November 2017

A Final Song

Winter played her song She loved the chill in the air Divine harmonies Summer played her song She loved the warmth of the sun Divine harmonies Spring played her song She loved the new beginnings Divine harmonies Autumn played her song… Read More ›

Go Beyond

Weigh in on strengths and aspirations Raise voices of contentment  and expunge indignation, irritation, and resentment Spill ink of contentment and celebrate thanks, gratefulness, and appreciation  Connect ideas of contentment and share beyond life’s everyday expectations Let’s propose a toast… Read More ›

Happy Thanksgiving

As I masquerade as oddpegleg  My mottled disguise a novel ensemble   Advice from wobblers not flimsy twaddle I must silence my gobble or methinks I’ll be gobbled  § This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines… Read More ›

Share the Light

While we’re eager to sup as we grow up  We must savor each sip as we drain the cup A transcribed role is key to achieve And connecting the dots for our legacy §  I’m one that believes in honest… Read More ›