Good afternoon mom! I’m so glad you dropped by for coffee, and I am brewing a fresh pot of your favorite just for you. Hmm, there’s nothing better than the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, don’t you agree?

It’s a lovely afternoon with crisp breezes and scents of fall in the air. So perfect for chatting and enjoying the leaves as they dance and amuse. We both love this time of the year, don’t we?

You know I’m thrilled you’re here. It has been a while and I think of you often. Hey mom, do you remember?

When I was a child, I was pretty mild and not too wild. I was your little girl with a head full of curls. My dresses were frilly, I never felt silly. Shoes galore, I always wanted more. We dressed to the nines, you and me. Our sense of style was for all to see. Oh yes mom, we had a passion for fashion!

When I was a teen, I was pretty mild and not too wild. I was your best friend and you were mine. We figured life out, time after time. I had to be cool and you understood. Much more than any mother could. We dressed to the nines, you and me. Our sense of style was our identity. Oh yes mom, fashion became our passion!

When I was a young woman, I was pretty mild and not too wild. If I needed comfort, you were always there. Such a loving mother, I knew you cared. When you were sad, I felt bad. If you were blue, I was there for you. Yes, we dressed as ladies because we should and because we could. Back in the day, that was the way.

When I was twenty-three, you were gone. I felt the world had done me wrong. Why an end to your melody? It wasn’t time to end your song. Your image still lingers in my memory. Yes, our passion for fashion was meant to be. And mom I must say, you look lovely today. I miss you so, in every way.

If we were having coffee, this is the way it would be. A memorable chat, just you and me.

Your loving daughter,


This post is a tribute to my mom – May 9, 1909, to November 12, 1963


Reena’s Exploration Challenge Week 12


Alteration of original post-May 22, 2016

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  1. The metaphor of coffee as a bonding agent starts beautifully, and depicts the camaraderie despite the generation gap. It gets more emotional as you proceed ahead, and ends in the unexpected. There is a beautiful, languid flow in the writing. It makes the reader long for an idyllic companionship.

    May I ask a question? Do you identify with your Mom today, and feel that a part of her lives in you?

    Thanks for joining in!


    1. Thank you, Reena. Yes, I have always felt my mom was looking over my shoulder and especially today since the anniversary of her death is 2 days from now. No matter how many years have passed since she died, she remains alive in my memories.

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  2. Hi Eugenia, I thought your post was so beautiful, a great tribute to your mother. Losing her at 23 is a bitter pill to swallow when you think about how close you were to her, but you do have 23 years of great memories of her. My mum also died young, I was almost 30 at the time and she up and died, suddenly no warning…..I still miss her and feel she missed out on seeing so many of her grandkids come into the world and grow into the people they are…

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    1. I appreciate your kind comment, Michael. It’s difficult to understand why we lose our mums at a young age – meaning their age and our age. I was a newlywed at the time and felt losing my mom was unfair. Then, as time went on and I matured (I think – lol), I realized a lot in life is not fair. I miss my mom too, yet I know she is in a better place.


  3. Beautiful poetry Eugenia and I echo the words and sentiments that have already been shared. Your mum would be proud.

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  4. At 23 that was a young age to lose a parent.. And a Mother is so important in our lives.. This was indeed a most poignant post dear Eugenia and heartfelt.. As one remembers all of those dear ones we have lost..
    Love and Blessings xx Sue xx

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  5. Oh, My Dear! You brought tears to my eyes! That’s always the best proof of great writing in my book! This was so wonderful and tender. You took us through such a precious journey with you. Thanks so much for this share! I loved the photo too. It was really lovely!

    So, now I’m going to be brave, bold and maybe rude so I hope you will forgive me in advance!! I would like to challenge you to write something akin to my post “A Special Time With Him” to follow up this post. I would love to see it if you are up for the challenge. I think it would be a great way to let your heart speak about your Mom. Just so you know, it took me six years before I could write that about my Dad and I still can’t sit at his piano and play. I guess it’s my way of helping to preserve that moment!

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