It is What it is

  I’m quite the quirky turkey

 My hen can’t gobble she’d rather squabble

My wild side can fly, I’m a speedy 55

I’ve got a 360 see from where I sleep in my tree

My place at the table a culinary fable


This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word turkey. Please drop by and join the challenge at Patricia’s Place


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  1. Eugenia, I do like the turkey”‘s wrap around view.😊

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  2. This poem made me giggle lol

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  3. Loved the words, “Quirky Turkey”, set the tone for a fun read

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  4. Turkey but missed turn key of poetry

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  5. Fun and knowledge are both wings of human faculty

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  6. Lol! Happy Thanksgiving!😊


  7. You learn something everyday Eugenia. I didn’t know about the turkey’s 360 degree vision. Thanks for the poem and the smile 🙂

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  8. Fun read. Good to know the Quirky Turkey is a Culinary Fable. Maybe he makes better use of his 360* vision than the birds on our tables. Thanks for sharing with In Other Words.

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  9. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

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