To One and All



a little fir tree

Oh, how I yearn to grow

You’ll be pleased I’m the one you chose

I long to be lovely with ribbons and bows

How I wish to be adorned with baubles and beads

And on Christmas Eve the most beautiful of nights

 I want to fill hearts with joy and delight

And most of all

To one and all

Let there be peace

and let there be light


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  1. 👏🏻🎄❄️ We have snow!


  2. Beautiful Eugenia. How you play with form and words always lightens my heart.


  3. Wonderful and joyful poem seen from the little fir tree’s point of view.
    It is a proud little tree .


  4. This is just gorgeous! Yeah for snow

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  5. I LOVE the poem and its form! Thank you for mentioning my contest!

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  6. What a happy hopeful story/poem. Thank you.

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  7. Beautifully done! Diane

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  8. Thank you so much, Diane.


  9. The setup of this poem is just delightful!


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