Month: January 2018

December Moon

Originally posted on See Norway – Se Norge:
Av og til blir motivet for fristende til å la være. Og stadig håper man på en atmofære fri for smog og/eller skyer. Og fortsatt handler det om ‘frihåndsfotografering’. Once in a while the motif becomes too tempting not to try for a special shot. And every…

Mega Moon

Originally posted on See Norway – Se Norge:
Det gikk plutselig ut et ekstremvarsel!  Ikke på storm eller nedbør av noe slag, men rett og slett på vår kjære måne som plutselig var nærmere Jorden enn noen gang. Og selv om jeg jo har mange bilder av ‘månen’ fra før, så syntes jeg liksom jeg…

Thoughtful Decisions

  Let’s be grateful for our choices With peace, the world rejoices Smiles survive with happy voices Those uncaring best remain voiceless Let’s be grateful for our choices  § This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word renewal. Please stop in and join the challenge Patricia’s Place I’d…

#TuesdayChatter – January 30, 2017

Originally posted on Jottings and Writings:
Went up to the local community college, yesterday, while the son was in school to see about talking to someone about what might be a good field of study choice for me to get into. I have an appointment two weeks from yesterday to talk to a career counselor.…


Originally posted on Writing and Reflections:
? A familiar rumble – these freight cars that lumber across railroad tracks just down the hill Sound that becomes something physical, a rolling repetition that echoes in my chest and vibrates under my feet ? It used to unnerve me this sense of something approaching a foreboding of…

Tuesday Chatter Weekly

  Have a seat and enjoy the buzz. You’ll find the Tuesday Chatter Café, a cozy place to meet for coffee and a weekly chat. Be kind to one another because what happens here doesn’t stay here. By the way, the gossips like to stare. “The only questions that really matter are the ones you…

A Matter of Time

It’s time to call it a day No one has much to say At this stupid o’clock hour Common sense lost its power   It’s hard to set the pace When the clock has no face Father time has no emotion A pendulum in constant motion   Yet time deserves some credit To allow us…

January Morning

Originally posted on See Norway – Se Norge:
Vi hadde faktisk blitt varslet om at vi skulle få en ny kuldeperiode med temperaturer i nærheten av  15-20 ‘blå’, men plutselig fikk vi kontra-beskjed. Nå skulle det bli et par dager med regn og plussgrader!!! Hos oss uteble også for det meste regnet, men  temperatur-omslaget fikk…

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 22

Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
Welcome to Week 22! There is something about the number 22 that makes me uneasy. I come across it frequently. I read somewhere that we should pay attention when numbers repeatedly appear in pairs. It is a message from the universe. I am writing this piece at the end of…

Some People

    Life’s renewal isn’t a black tie affair Best declare we’re goin’ somewhere Not much future in goin’ nowhere The key to anybody being a somebody  Is to be an original and not a copy  § This week the event is to Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word renewal. Please stop…

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