Entrancing Treasure


 Moonbeams hold my soul

Dreams weep euphoria

Life’s joyous moments


Reena’s Exploration Challenge 24 



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  1. Intense and powerful imagery!

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  2. so powerful and elegant.

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  3. I love the new format of your blog.

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    • Thank you. The theme is called Gridiculous Pro. I like it because of the options. It offers 3 layouts and up to 3 columns. I use the same theme for BrewNSpew and ThusNSuch. It’s the most versatile theme I’ve found thus far and I’ve tried several. I have fun tinkering with it.

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    • I agree with usfman. The black is so striking and its paired with the beautiful imagery you use.

      It’s so fun to play around with themes, especially when you find one you like. 😉
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  4. Your poem is beautiful… also I’ve mentioned this before, but the photos you use as headers are so striking… The one today has me thinking I’d like to try and paint it…. (I’m trying to paint something to do with a sunrise… and this has just captured my interest ) … Diane

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  5. Beautiful poetry and quote Eugenia. There is so much magic held by the moon.

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  1. Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 25 – Reena Saxena
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