Day: March 28, 2018

Say What?

Have you heard perchance Life’s stance is a game of chance Perhaps happenstance  § This week’s event is to write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word happenstance. Held weekly at Patricia’s Place  And please pay a visit to my other blog, ThusNSuch Eugenia Photo by FOX from Pexels

Tuesday Chatter Weekly – March 28, 2018

“Rest, rest, perturbed spirit!”-William Shakespeare Word of the week-perturbed (adjective)-troubled, anxious, upset. Synonyms-aghast, abashed, alarmed, daunted, blanched, distressed, rattled, spooked, startled. Words that rhyme or nearly rhyme-curbed, disturbed, absurd, superb. Mother Nature clearly perturbed Her tetchy attitude quite absurd  Spring’s harmonies are not taught Songbird ditties not for naught We yearn to see buttercup smiles…

Above and Beyond

How high is the sky No destination addictions No restrictions nor predictions No perceivable jurisdictions No evictions nor convictions No political frictions Whether fiction or non-fiction The confines of ceilings Concealing and unappealing Unyielding and unwilling Even chilling and unbelieving  How high is the sky I’ll forever be seeking That never-never land feeling  §  Reena’s…