Some may say ignorance is bliss

A structured mind out of order

Clocks and calendars without borders

 Yet, our chronological age not amiss

Some may feel time’s theirs to waste

Often move through life with haste

Comes that time to question ourselves

By facing denizens upon dusty shelves

Do we live for what we’re expected to be

Or do we live for what we want to be

Yet, who’s to say and who’s to know


Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 30


15 thoughts on “Incomprehension

  1. The first four lines are outstanding. We usually relate structure to order, but you turned it around.

    I knew it was a complex challenge, but the fun is in the difference. We get used to responding in a particular manner.

    Thank you so much for giving it a try!

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  2. Very intriguing poem Eugenia. I particularly like these last lines:
    “Do we live for what we’re expected to be

    Or do we live for what we want to be

    Yet, who’s to say and who’s to know” .

    Indeed, who is to say except your inner self that won’t lie.

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  3. I stopped wearing a watch some four years ago now 😀 Having been part of the tick tock world for so long.. One needs freedom to BE..
    I loved your poem.. and yes, I agree we should live for what we want to be, not what others expect of us..
    Learning to live to please ourselves is not always as straight forward ,is it.. For often we get swamped by others who pressure us to do this or that there way etc. And we think we should go along to please.. When in fact we are not being true to ourselves..
    Then when you do please yourself.. You are told you are selfish etc.. LOL…
    Learning to listen to our hearts and please our INNER BEing takes courage.. And we need Self discipline as well as patience with ourselves..
    I know from my own journey, we need to practice Self Love by putting ourselves first a little more..

    Something I have been doing more of lately.. As I tussle with myself along the way.

    A great thought provoking poem Eugenia.. And one I needed to read today ..
    Have a great Easter weekend my friend and thank you for your wonderful continued support.. I so appreciate your visits ❤
    Much Love
    Sue xxx

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