Month: April 2018

Tuesday Chatter Weekly – April 30, 2018

“Words rich in meaning can be cheap in sound effects.” – Dejan Stojanovic Word of the week–parsimonious (adjective)-unwilling to spend money or use resources, stingy or frugal synonyms-cheap, miserly, mean, close-fisted, penny-pinching, ungenerous, Scrooge-like Parsimonious sheeple in need of character surgery still trying to connect the dots neath their […]


and my life emerges one of the earth’s many gifts and with magic in my wings I journey above quilted clouds  above the sun-drenched land I flit hither and thither oozing charisma  my stage   set as  nature’s social butterfly § We are coming back to the use of metaphor […]

The Spring is here!

Originally posted on See Norway – Se Norge:
Våren har omsider festet grepet. Snøen er for det meste borte fra vår hage, og selv om nattlige besøkende beiter på vår krokus og tulipan-skudd, så endrer det egentlig ingenting. Det er vår! Foreløpig har disse påskeliljene overlevd! (Antagelig fordi…

Tuesday Chatter Weekly – April 23, 2018

“It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”-Mark Twain Word of the week–mutter (verb)-say something in a low or barely audible voice, especially in dissatisfaction or irritation. Synonyms-murmur, mumble, whisper Let’s be […]


Me, myself, and I numbs while seeking myself what I am is not what I think I am time drifts while sensing myself what I am is not what you think I am Questions arise as to why my existence and do I dare settle for I am […]

Tuesday Chatter Weekly – April 16, 2018

“Sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt.”-Cassandra Clare Word of the week–asperity–noun-harshness, sharpness, abrasiveness, severity, tartness, sarcasm Ain’t no sunshine behind a wall of asperity Don’t like the popularity of vulgarity Nor, the paper doll effect of insincerity Flimsy stenciled characters with no personality Let’s question their […]

The Way it Was

So young and naive  in love, we believed met at the altar never to falter said I do, I do, I love you  Too soon it faded our ties vacated ah, so sad, too bad   it’s time to close the door  open windows give more Life’s too […]