and my life emerges

one of the earth’s many gifts

and with magic in my wings

I journey above quilted clouds

 above the sun-drenched land

I flit hither and thither

oozing charisma

 my stage

  set as

 nature’s social butterfly


24 responses to “Socialite

  1. “Socialite” –superlative imagery, Eugenia! ❤ Sharing…

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  3. A great response Eugenia, really liked the imagery and thought behind your words. I visited the goDogGoCafe, but I couldn’t see how you participate??
    Promote yourself Monday I might try come Monday.

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    • In order to participate, you must be invited by the blogmasters of Go Dog Go Cafe, which they give you access to post on their site. Mondays are open to anyone that wishes to share their link. Every Thursday, the Baristas (I’m a Barista) share a link to a piece written by a fellow blogger.

      I find them to be a great group to be involved with. Btw, they like regular contributors and those that enjoy being involved.

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  4. The title gave it a new dimension. Or it was about pure joy. And ‘quilted clouds’ provide another background to the imagery.

    I like the different layers of meaning in the metaphor. Thanks!

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    • Thank you, Reena. I found myself going in too many directions and had to step back. I challenged myself with this piece because I knew how I wanted it to end but wasn’t sure how to get there.

      Writing poetry can be tedious. Writing a poem with the intent to address a scenario, situation, or thought process from somone other than myself is even more tedious. It’s a good challenge and I enjoy it.

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      • The end result is good. At times, I just write random lines that come to mind, and then fill in the gaps to make it a logical whole. Not sure if others can read the gaps, but the difference between thoughts and fillers always strikes me on reading it again.


  5. Thanks for sharing this great post Eugenia. I would love a strong cuppa latte. Thanks. Wow! A barista. I love the way baristas know how to do foam art on my lattes.

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  6. Beautifully written… I love watching butterflies . They are so delicate! Diane

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  7. Eugenia, “Socialite” is an inspirational poem. It’s very upbeat with stunning images. I adore the following lines, “I journey above quilted clouds / above the sun-drenched land”. Beautiful flow, and a lovely connection: a butterfly as a socialite! Enjoy your evening. ~ Mia

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  9. Such a lovely poem, Dear E! What a perfect visual and comparison for a Socialite! Flitting and fluttering from flower to flower for nectar and to spread pollen. Simply elegant!!!

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    Come and delight in Nature’s – SOCIALITE!

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