Top Shelf Collections


Cozy nooks and books

Inked tales breathe new adventures

Library memories


This week’s event is to write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the words library. Held weekly at Patricia’s Place.


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  1. This is nice

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  3. This is lovely.
    And I so love that photo

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  4. Those books look beautiful!

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  5. Where would we be without our libraries and books Eugenia.. Nothing will replace that tactile feel of turning the pages and inhaling the dust which often accumulates on top..

    Have a lovely rest of your day 🙂 and special hugs your way xx ❤

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  6. Delightful Eugenia.By sheer coincidence my Tale Weaver prompt this week is on Libraries.

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  7. Perfect for #GetCaughtReading Month! 🙂 xo Sharing…

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  8. Libraries do make wonderful memories and adventures with the books on the shelves. Thanks for sharing with In Other Words.

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  9. These few excellent words evoke wonderful thoughts Eugenia. There is nothing better than walking into a library filled with old books. There is something magical about the smell and sight of them. All that history packed side by side.

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  10. Aptly described…inked tales breathing adventures 🙂