Concerning Phenomena


paper doll people

faceless selfies judgmental

human oddities

nature unselfish

flora and fauna adapt

reflective balance

Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 47


Photo by Andre Mouton from Pexels

10 responses to “Concerning Phenomena

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  2. Michael Todd

    I have read this a dozen times, Eugenia. I really got a lot from it. However, it appears I am speechless… This never happens to me, so I do not know quite how to react, other than to say “Happy TGIF” and don’t mind me; I will show my way out, in a while. 🙂


    • 🙂 Sometimes, I get a little wacky with my intent. Not only do I like to make an all-out attempt to address Reena’s challenge, I prefer to use a poetic form to work it. It’s all in fun and being creative. Some of my poems in my BrewNSpew Cafe series are, as I describe them – wacky.


  3. Yes, a great one!!

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    Lovely tankas….

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  5. Excellent take! I like and agree with the term ‘faceless selfies’. The image is cute.

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  6. Introspective points to ponder… Well done, Eugenia!

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