reflect inner self

the mirror resigned to fate

no encore needed


This week’s event is to write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word mirror. Held weekly at Patricia’s Place.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

17 responses to “Visibility

  1. I’m continuously astounded by the wonderful poems you are able to create while seamlessly incorporating outside prompts!

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    • Thank you so much, KaylaAnn. Your kind comment means a lot coming from someone I respect as a writer. When I look back on some of my older posts, I see now how my writing has changed. I feel I’ve finally found the path as to how I want to express myself in my poems, especially the haiku.

      You made my day!! 🤗

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  2. the thoughts behind your words are very soul moving Eugenia, and I like to use them as a brief meditation in a way. It makes me pause and I don’t usually do that, I am always a flurry of activity, thank you for the words and the pauses it brings. I hope I have made some sense here…LOL! 6 am on the equator and coffee is just mixing in my veins!

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    • I am delighted my poem is useful to you. I’m sipping my coffee on this very wet and gloomy day here in Atlanta, GA. Have a great day!

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      • Coffee and gloomy skies sound very inspirational, well for me at least, I am very moved by the cold and dark. I hope it was a lovely day for you all the same. I have been experiencing gloomy weather in Malaysia too, it’s coming up to the Ghost Month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, similar to the Western world All Souls Day, the weather always gets wet and unpredictable around this time here. Your poem was very good for me Eugenia.

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  3. Love it! When I think of reflecting my inner self I giggle. Is that weird? Thanks for linking.

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  4. A true ‘reflection’ is often missed, until we get really close to the mirror.. But sometimes we need to look deeper to appreciate the finer details often we who are busy rushing around fail to see. 🙂

    Loved the deep meaning in those simple lines dear Eugenia .. So much said within a few words ❤

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  6. I appreciate this people are too busy running towards achieving their goal but they totally forgot who they are as a person if they start feeling their inner self they will get their own world. Even my blog is also related to your thoughts you can visit my blog too and can comment on that thank you. My blog is

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