Month: September 2018

“Slip into Mabon,” An Etheree Poem

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Here is my Etheree poem for this week’s poetry challenge using the word “slip” for fall, and “endeavor” for the word, try. This poetry form is now part of the challenge. Slip Into Mabon Slip into Mabon and celebrate the rituals of the season by sharing food, counting one’s…

Fragmented Soul

splintered dreams images faded and torn with emotions worsening with time Greatness questioned as original intent swathed by gossipy stares create feelings of dismay Enter doubts of one’s self-esteem causing victim like symptoms with no foreseeable end to this long and shadowed catastrophe pieces of la-la land forever falling § Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Week 56…


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image source – google images I eat my lies when my heart is hungry! BrewNSpew Cafe Word of the week – taradiddle/tarradiddle – (noun) – a trivial or childish lie; a fib; pretentious nonsense. Synonyms – fable, fabrication, fib, lie, mendacity, story, tale, whopper.

I grew up

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innocence to sophistication comfort to fashion being green to maturity taradiddles to politically correct storytelling for influence ? I have grown up a lot In a world where honesty is called brutal and multiplespeak – sold as tact or emotional intelligence ? BrewNSpew Cafe