BrewNSpew Cafe Review – September 10 to September 15, 2018


I  hope you enjoy this week’s BrewNSpew Café Review for the September 10 to September 15, 2018 posts shared by our fellow bloggers using the word thwart.

On late Mondays or early Tuesdays, I publish a post titled BrewNSpew Café and one of the features is “word of the week”. I create my own wacky poem with my take on the word.

You’re invited to join our talented community and challenge yourselves by writing your own poetry using the weekly featured word.

Let’s be creative have fun and by the way, I will be most grateful if you help spread the word.

“Thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent.”
― Steve Martin, Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life

BrewNSpew Café Poetry Challenge – Week 4 – September 10 to September 15, 2018, participants-

Reena Saxena


The Dark Netizen


image – Pexels

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  1. Looks like you have had a busy week Eugenia.. 🙂 now to catch up a little here.. ❤

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