Once again

Reena Saxena


from hunger,

hungry vultures,

cameras held in hands

unwilling to help –

seemed well-nigh impossible

in the gloaming

he surprised the world

with an appearance

years later

and left it

once again

nursing a starved soul

left to die in obscurity

(Story on The Borgen Project)

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2 replies

  1. That was an incident and a photo that you refer to having a lot of food for thought. How people’s consciousness can be aroused to such needs but instead of taking proper note of the circumstances, or considering what positive action they can take to alleviate such situations, they cast unwarranted aspersions upon the photographer.


  2. Things are very easy to overlook when you have billions yourself.
    Money makes blind but demands respect for your fellow men!
    Or you’re actually a nobody! (In the East they are talking about a bag of wind?!)


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