ecstasy of sunset


mushroom-2949539_640the hills are alive
all day
they hold their breath
turning blue
to exhale
at dusk
an ecstasy of
moss and mist

#Weekly Tanka Prompt #Poetry Challenge – Week 117 – Sunset & Theme

BrewNSpew Cafe 

Word of the week – gloaming – (noun) – twilight or dusk. Synonyms – blackness, candlelight, darkness, dusk, gloom, shadow

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  1. This is wonderful!

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  2. Eugenia,

    Our mountains are blue but not because they hold their breath. I like that line in this poem. 🙂 I hadn’t thought of the hills being blue because they hold their breath. That’s really an interesting way to interpret why the mountains are blue. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Is this a reblog of someone’s work or is it yours? I was a bit confused as to who the author is. Maybe it’s because it’s too early and I haven’t had my coffee yet. 🙂

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