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“Technology is an instrument and a weapon because it benefits those who know best how to use it and how to be used by it. The bourgeoisie have used machines and the ‘scientific’ organisation of work against the proletariat. No revolt against domination can really represent the general interest unless it turns itself into a rebellion against technology, a Luddite revolt”. – Miguel Amorós, Where Are We Now?

Word of the week – Luddite (noun) –  a person who is opposed to increased industrialization or new technology. Synonyms – a broken record, anorak, bore

no fuddy-duddy am I

no kill-joy, Luddite or has-been

not a saddo in don’t know when

spoil-sport or a fossil you say

best you keep your talk at bay

so you think I’m a boring drip

well, just button your lip

and best you listen-up

methinks I have a cyberphobia

yeh, my version of frumpy utopia


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Incidentally, here is what’s going on at the BrewNSpew Café

On late Mondays or early Tuesdays, I distribute a post titled BrewNSpew Café and one of the highlights is “word of the week”. I make my very own wacky creation with my interpretation of the word.

You’re welcome to join our talented network and challenge yourselves by composing your very own creation, utilizing the week by week included word. Please keep your post to 600 words or fewer!

The rules are straightforward

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The prompt will close 5 days from the date of my post. I will post a week after week Wrap-up of posts shared by our kindred bloggers.

How about we be innovative and have fun!


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  1. For once, you have a word I am aware of 🙂

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  2. I learn a new word here every week 🙂

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  3. I love that poem! Great use of the word

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  4. Eugenia,

    I like the line…”so you think I’m a boring drip just button your lip…” 🙂 I don’t want to sound like a broken record but, bravo, my friend!

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  5. This was fun…and a word I know without looking it up!

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