Day: November 8, 2018

Orb Dilemma

the moon is still dark not wanting to face conflict lunatic instinct ┬ž Reena’s Exploration Challenge – week 62 My another blog┬áThusNSuch Eugenia Photo by Drew Rae from Pexels

the twilight saga

Originally posted on syncwithdeep:
don’t you get surprised if you have ever noticed the sky at dusk the yellows of the setting sun marry the blues of the rising night the sun and the moon locked in a wonderful schmooze embrace a lover’s kiss is it the beginning…

Intimate Nestle

Originally posted on I Write Her:
Toa Heftiba comfort a meaningful connection allowing breathing space skin on skin eyes on eyes schmooze with me two voices speaking a common language warm embrace that’ll linger long past being intertwined as one ? Inspired by Eugenia – BrewNSpew Cafe –…