Succumbing to Nature – posted October 31, 2018, by Seenorway

I am sharing this stunning photo by Seenorway, published October 31, 2018, via Seenorway blog.

Narrative that accompanied the post – 

Når livet blir for tungt å bære, så vil noen bøye sitt hode og erkjenne at det er slutt . . .

When life is getting too heavy to face, some will acknowledge that the end has come . . .

All credit goes to-Seenorway as shown below-

Compliments of SRB)
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6 responses to “Succumbing to Nature – posted October 31, 2018, by Seenorway

  1. Lovely and indeed a factual or timely reminder of all life forms.

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  2. Thank you! May be this will create a bit more curiosity about Norway?
    After all, I’ve posted more than 7000 pictures here! Please enjoy!

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  3. I love nature 🙂

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