Dwelling of Affection

this home

its bones honed

over time with

warmth in each

niche and corner

filled with affectionate

recollections in

each step taken

whether trod or

in thought

a haven over

our head or

sentiments of security

in our psyches

a home filled

with adoration

and heart

becomes one

with life

via Reena – Welcome to a festive season!
It is the time for us to go home, or welcome people home. Or just find that place within ourselves we can call home.  There are some people who induce that feeling in us of being home. There are times ideas come home to us – as if they never really went away, but were just waiting to be found.
Everybody needs love – be it self-love, or coming from others.
I don’t know which one is the main theme here, and which is the sub-theme – Home or Love. Go ahead and explore…..

Reena’s Exploration Challenge – week 64

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Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

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  1. this is perfect, how I feel the comfort of my home and my heart too. I started 2017 with a word – HOME -i will revisit that word again at year end, your poem says a lot of which I will also write about. thank you for this wonderful poem Eugenia, your home is your heart and it is such a warm welcoming place to me when I read your words.

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    • Thank you, Gina, and I’m delighted you enjoyed my poem. I felt this poem while writing it because I’ve been uprooted many times during my life and appreciate the feeling of HOME. The old proverb “home is where the heart is” makes sense to me.

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      • me too Eugenia, my dad was a sailor, we moved, I got married and my job took me places, I find home just starting to take shape for me. I really loved how you expressed this.

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