Do not fear…

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It’s that time of year
But do not fear
It will not last long
This frantic shopping business
That’s betwixt reason and madness

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  1. Personally I do my Christmas shopping every year in approximately 5 minutes!
    The kids within the family need a small suprise on Christmas eve. And they all get a ‘gift card’ of the very same value. The grown ups get nothing! (And, of course, I personally accepts nothing! The I close my wallet to the season and buy only food that we’d like to eat on Christmas eve.
    What’s there to celebrate anyway?! And in a couple of days it all go away and our world may proceed. There are really other serious problems that need to be addressed – now!

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    • Since there is only my husband and I, buying gifts is not a big deal. I buy mostly on the internet thus avoiding all of the hoopla.

      What I like most about Christmas is it still seems to be a time when family and friends tend to get together more often then other times during year.

      Though, I am not a very religious person, Christmas has always had a touch of magic, IMO. With that said, I am referring to the old fashioned Christmas ideas.


  2. It is isn’t it… ‘frantic and madness’… Ouch! Diane

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