The dusk

Keep it alive

It’s coming to that time of the day

That’s neither day nor night

It’s betwixt the two with the

Light failing and scene fading

Are you going for a walk along

The winding paths now dimly lit

Enjoy the last rays of dying sun

Breath in the balmy evening air

Or are your staying in

Missing out on all the splendor

Mother Nature has put on display for you?

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word at the café;



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  1. Thanks a lot for the reblog.


  2. Beautifully expressed poem, and worthy of sharing Eugenia .. ❤

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  3. Beautiful photo…lovely words to remind us to get out and experience those magical moments! ❤ Sharing… xo

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  4. Funny, I’ve just come across the sheet music for a lovely tune of that name by C Armstrong Gibbs. It would go well with the words.

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