Reena Saxena

lazily scanning
contact lists on different fora
-holiday well spent
who would I like to wish
and who can be dispensed with?

responses measure
warmth of all relationships
I forgive a few
maybe they are occupied –
it just shows my love for them

perhaps holidays
are created to take stock
to discard all junk
and move ahead in life
with a renewed perspective

BrewNSpew Cafe – December 10

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  1. And I thought I was champeen cynic, Reena Saxena. But mine own list at year’s end muchly is limited to what I grow or make – or in my brothers and their owners’ cases what I find in my impractical and never completed romp through The Boxes of Our Lives. Those I encounter in lesser “shape” than I get what I can spare and what they most need within my well-parsed purse’s ability. Which is not to say I found the above piece charming and well-crafted. I do, though, confess a cordial detestation of red kettles and bells ringing, though I do subscribe to their “Do The Most Good” advertising slogan.

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    • There are stages in life – more in the mind, than about age. We respond as per the mindset. For some, celebrations are the only time they get to mingle and see their loved ones. Others have had too much of it, and would like to retreat into their shells. And it is all perfectly fine.

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      • Ever since I got out of The Great White Light (rocket propelled grenade explosion) every had has been a holiday celebration, every meal a banquet feast even if I chose some times to be alone and had crackers upon which I might stack some cheese and sausage slices. I always it seems to have been uncomfortable about formally recognized holidays, but that may have been formed during meaner earlier years with less outward causes. But I really do appreciate crowds and joyous singing both leading up to and tailing away from The Big Days. And, coupled with my December 6-10 personal history fetish, this time of year isn’t so much depressing as it is reflexive. I know I live my life between my ears – though hard use has encouraged the skeleton and attached flesh to chime in with occasional bouts of protest and less and less-frequently bombasts of joy and frolic. I love laughter, especially mine own, and tickle me constantly with the dichotomy of a gregarious loner and a happy curmudgeon. I try to keep my shell supple as possible.

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  2. Careful there are no gems caught up in the debris!

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  3. That’s exactly what Christmas should be about. Excellent.

    Have a fabulous day, Eugenia. ♥

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