Month: January 2019

Shapeshifting Powers

come with me, my sweet stalwart and steadfast I am I intend no harm come with me, my love my guise from an evil spell it’s freedom I seek extend your soul, love render your magical glow our lives ours to keep take my hand and join my […]

Epitome – word prompt

Originally posted on Willow Poetry:
Painting credit: Francesco Vinea Merriment in a Tavern ? Haiku poem ? she loves him no less embodiment of vices joins in merriment ? ©Hélène Vaillant ? Written for:  BrewNSpew Cafe – January 28, 2019 Word of the week – epitome – (noun)…

Earthy Orange

unleashing of spring earth gifts her secret treasure a marmalade sky § This week’s event is to write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word secret treasure. Held weekly at Patricia’s Place. Please visit me at My other blog, ThusNSuch -Eugenia image – Pexels

It’s In You

Originally posted on I Write Her: ? Only you can grant yourself strength. Dig deep to show the world you are the epitome of personal power. Change your history. Glorify your present by overcoming your past. Give your future the best of you. Watch how you rise.…


Originally posted on Thru Violet's Lentz:
Button Eyes by Lady Delirium on deviantart The epitome Of naivety lingers Only long enough To hone the fated spike- with which youth is impaled A car pulls up alongside the bench, on which I’m sitting. He rolls down the window,…


Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
Eugenia’s poem soul- imitates fervor, continually feeling, forever passionate. a soft-spoken soul making the world a better place always with a smile graceful and cheerful engaging mingling spirits the epitome of spiritedness soul- My ‘Soul’ extension soul- unseen, intangible yet makes it presence…