A Loner

Sharing an awesome poem by Ashwini.B –


He is alone

Though he is in a crowded room;

He  is happy

Still he’s headed towards his doom;

He is lost

But he knows his way back home;

He is speechless

Yet he’s talking on the phone;

He is sad

But he knows the worst is done;

He is in the dark

Although he’s standing under the sun;

He is here

But yet so far away;

He is quiet

But he has so much to say;

He is falling

Though he’s standing on the ground;

He is screaming

But no one hears a sound;

He is wounded

Yet he’s not bleeding;

He is following

But he seems to be leading;

He is telling the truth

But still, he’s lying;

He is dead

Yet he’s alive;

He is a loner in life…

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  1. Absolutely wonderful poem 🕊🎉

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  2. Amazing poem! I can relate to this sometimes. I feel like if I ever need to exemplify my frustrations I could show someone this poem!

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