The Beauty of Black

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This is in response to the nomination by Ket at Cynical Souls. I promised him I’d get to writing posts for these and well, here I am. Ket is a warm, loving individual who knows and understands the value of the people in his life, being a priceless soul himself. Do check out his blog, it will leave you with a smile. 

Back when I was a school girl, a classmate wore a beautiful black dress to school on her birthday. However, our teacher pointed out that it wasn’t particularly auspicious to don black on a happy day like the day one was born on.

My teacher had good intentions – of that I have no doubt. Even back then, I was in love with everything and everyone who stood out – those enviably free souls who galumphedwhen all around them wanted nothing but to sit and sleep.

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  1. We have a friend in common, Sandee from Comedy Plus. Gotta love her & she has really saved me from hiding out! She’s a sweetie & love her to pieces. I’m so glad that this Ket person talked you into writing Posts again. I love finding new people to hang out with so to speak, but for now welcome back & have a great day & weekend. I have much to do until the weekend between therapy, doctor visits etc. (I’ll save that story I’ll save for another day, but the long & the short of it I had back surgery – need I say more? haha). Plus our Christmas with my big family is this Saturday! That will be another story for next Wednesday – Have a great weekend my new friend!!! HUGS

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