Let’s Boogie


swaying to and fro

dancing uniting the world

one step at a time

This week’s event is to write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word dancing. Held weekly at Patricia’s Place.


image – Pexels

23 responses to “Let’s Boogie

  1. Love it! Time to get out there and dance… ❤

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  2. Namaste Eugenia 🙂

    13 words conveying a big message. Wouldn’t it be good if the world could dance to the beat of one drum? Perhaps one day we’ll all respond to the rhythm in our soul – although sadly I imagine it may not be in my lifetime.

    Cute image. I keep looking for where they edited-out the trampoline 😀

    Hoping all is well with you. Take care.

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Thank you for your comment, Dewin, and I agree the world probably won’t be dancing to the same beat during our lifetime, unfortunately. Yes, I thought the cats were fun!

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  3. Michael Todd

    Riffing Eugenia for General Purposes

    Riffing Eugenia for general purposes,
    for what ever reason; my own guess is
    this is becoming a makeshift addiction.
    As far as I see, way to avoid friction,
    is to be on the side that she blesses.

    Oh, good grief, I forgot about dancing,
    getting all caught up in the romancing.
    Are second chances afforded, not many;
    five lines allowed should be plenty.
    When a fifth appears, stop advancing.

    Will these lines be likes, then ignores
    and from this will I do as she implores
    and become a bona fide line hoarder?
    All things considered, do over in order,
    Never mind five lines, write in fours.

    Better yet, spin a haiku, that trifecta
    with a five, seven, five, I’ll see you
    later in the week, at the ThusNSuch;
    restrictions there, not quite so much.
    Maybe there, a sonnet assign’ll ensue.

    Michael Todd

    Full Disclosure: I cannot dance.

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  4. Eugenia,

    I’ve got the mewsic usually but not in today’s post but I am dancing with the #inotherwords group this morning. Nice little poem! 🙂

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  5. Brilliant!❤

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  6. Cute, sounds like fun!

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  7. Maybe instead of having summit’s the world leaders should have a dance party! Thanks for sharing.

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