23 thoughts on “Let’s Boogie”

  1. Namaste Eugenia 🙂

    13 words conveying a big message. Wouldn’t it be good if the world could dance to the beat of one drum? Perhaps one day we’ll all respond to the rhythm in our soul – although sadly I imagine it may not be in my lifetime.

    Cute image. I keep looking for where they edited-out the trampoline 😀

    Hoping all is well with you. Take care.

    Namaste 🙂


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  2. Riffing Eugenia for General Purposes

    Riffing Eugenia for general purposes,
    for what ever reason; my own guess is
    this is becoming a makeshift addiction.
    As far as I see, way to avoid friction,
    is to be on the side that she blesses.

    Oh, good grief, I forgot about dancing,
    getting all caught up in the romancing.
    Are second chances afforded, not many;
    five lines allowed should be plenty.
    When a fifth appears, stop advancing.

    Will these lines be likes, then ignores
    and from this will I do as she implores
    and become a bona fide line hoarder?
    All things considered, do over in order,
    Never mind five lines, write in fours.

    Better yet, spin a haiku, that trifecta
    with a five, seven, five, I’ll see you
    later in the week, at the ThusNSuch;
    restrictions there, not quite so much.
    Maybe there, a sonnet assign’ll ensue.

    Michael Todd

    Full Disclosure: I cannot dance.

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    1. Myke,

      Why not leave some of the punctations out and then you’ll have five lines? Sure, they’ll be a lot of run-on sentences and grammar Nazis breathing down your neck but then you can retort, ‘Let’s dance!” as you pull out your keyboards to fight with words, not knives and periods instead of fists. WOW, what a good job you did! Bravo!!

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      1. Cathy, what on Earth can I say?
        It was late; I got carried away.
        My task, not to pick one of two,
        Like a song, what I do with you,
        But to work, as hard as I play.


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