Shapeshifting Powers


come with me, my sweet

stalwart and steadfast I am

I intend no harm

come with me, my love

my guise from an evil spell

it’s freedom I seek

extend your soul, love

render your magical glow

our lives ours to keep

take my hand and join

my loved existence of yore

once upon a time


Reena’s Exploration Challenge – week 72Reena’s Exploration Challenge – week 72

The Old Woman in the Wood


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19 responses to “Shapeshifting Powers

  1. Yes. A magic spell is the first thought that arises on seeing the picture.

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    Shapeshifting powers ….. by Eugenia

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  3. I think your magic is working Eugenia, beautiful verse and loved the graphic.. Wishing you a lovely weekend ❤

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  4. Beautiful take.

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  5. I loved the intenseness of the poem Eugenia. The lover is so demanding, but intends no harm. I am working on blogging this theme for Reena’s challenge but going in a different direction.

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  6. Michael Todd

    This works perfectly with the image, and serves as an excellent response to the challenge, so there is that… However, for me, as a stand alone, with your meaning left completely to my imagination, the poem is haunting and serene.

    Hey, you are a winner either way; but isn’t that just like you? 🙂

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  7. Magic is felt in each syllable Eugenia…😊😊😊

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