Month: February 2019

Hidden Assets

lifestyle the seesaw  of invisible balance § This week’s event is to write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Fewer using the word invisible. Held weekly at Patricia’s Place. Paul’s Poetry Playground Invented Poetry Forms – The Hay(na)ku Please visit my other blog, ThusNSuch Eugenia featured image –

Little Miracle by Cathy Kennedy – February 25, 2019

My friend, Cathy Kennedy, our boogieing blogging Queen, took part in my BrewNSpew Cafe February 25, 2019, poetry challenge utilizing the word of the week, marvel. Since I am unable to reblog Cathy’s response to the prompt, I am sharing her poetic creation. Little Miracle @2019 Cathy Kennedy I marvel at your innocence your sweet perfume…

Invented Poetry Forms – The Hay(na)ku

Originally posted on Paul's Poetry Playground:
The hay(na)ku is a fairly recent invented poetry form created in the Philippines by the poet and artist Eileen Tabios in 2003. It somewhat resembles the haiku in the fact that they both consist of three short lines. But unlike the traditional Japanese form, the hay(na)ku is isoverbal,…

Extended Marvel

Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
I carry forward Eugenia’s cinquains. Eugenia says naturethe wildernessshe secures and pardonswhat’s more, the earth’s dispositionmarvel§ the earthterra firmashe provides and shelterswhat’s more, a place to live and thrivemarvel My extension human minds pride themselves on conquering the unconquerable – Maker’s Marvel!   backlash happens, but late generations disappear before they…