Rereading Old Notebooks… (and Resurrecting a Forgotten Poem)

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Having started writing poetry long before I ever owned an iPhone, tablet, or even a computer, I have accumulated a massive collection of old notebooks and journals filled with poems and random thoughts I have penned throughout the years. Every once in a while, (especially when I am at a loss for new ideas), I will grab one at random, and reread it. This is a practice I would highly recommend for every writer. Though this act can be a bit embarrassing, by revisiting your past words, you can track your progress as a writer. You also might even rediscover some hidden gem that you wrote but totally forgot about. Recently I found a fragment of an unfinished poem that I was able to rewrite and resurrect as a piece I am now quite proud of. But more often, I will find poems that make me squirm when I read…

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  1. Thanks for a fine share, Eugenia. 🙂

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  2. It was so kind of Eugenia to share my humble post here on BrewNSpew, and I am so happy that you liked what I wrote, Bette.😊😊

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