Day: February 7, 2019


Originally posted on I Write Her:
where once was substance a hollow shell in its place love bounces off not even a response anymore kindness is foreign after the tragedy of betrayal this voluminous space of emptiness is home now Inspired by BrewNSpew Cafe – 2/4/19 – Empty ?


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? Written for the BrewNSpew Cafe:  Word/expression of the week – empty – (adjective)  Grief physical separation endures your side of the bed empty vacant chair at the dining table alone on our loveseat visiting with you at the nursing home every second of every minute counts holding hands, enjoyment,…

Empty Pockets #Challenge #Poetry

Originally posted on Poems for Warriors:
There’s a hole in my pocket No matter what I place inside it I reach in and find it Empty © 2019 Jason A. Muckley This poem is a response to the prompt to use the word “Empty” in a poem from BrewNCafe. The prompt can be found here.