Climate Change

An Acrostic responding to challenge hosted by – dVerse Poetics – Geography Character references required Laughs amidst the inclement chaos Isn’t mother nature the feisty one! Makes one wish for escapism A wiseacre forecast reflects confusion Trending deluges of nature’s moodiness Every living thing in harm’s way Choices become a cumbersome task Happenstance governs our fate And those generations after us Need they experience the … Continue reading Climate Change

BrewNSpew Café March 25-2019

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Word of the week –   escapism – (noun) – habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine. Synonyms – fantasy, reverie, romance, fancy, imagination, woolgathering. ? ? Escape into dreams Close your eyes and open your mind Build castles in the sky or on the sand Sometimes you have to open… Continue reading BrewNSpew Café March 25-2019

A Moment’s Reprieve by AWISEWOMANSJOURNEY posted March 26, 2019

AWISEWOMANSJOURNEY, joined my BrewNSpew Cafe March 26, 2019, word/expression of the week challenge utilizing the word, escapism. Reposted Deborah’s lovely poem due to font color used does not show up on my blog’s dark background – In the depths of her heart’s forest she dawns her emerald green robe to see where her imagination will probe anywhere away from the reality of her life…a different … Continue reading A Moment’s Reprieve by AWISEWOMANSJOURNEY posted March 26, 2019


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“Individualism is a form of escapism, if you refuse to take responsibility for another’s life and expect them to manage their own.” “But are others not happy with their freedom?” “Maybe, they need help. Can we dissociate ourselves from a collective human responsibility?” “No. But you need to differentiate exchange from charity, and authoritarianism from voluntary help. Isolation is a… Continue reading Escapism