Day: March 1, 2019


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MARVEL By Charles Robert Lindholm I Look At The Stars In The Midnight Sky,  And Marvel! Copyright © 2019 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved Inspired By My Dear Friend Eugenia On Her Blog Brew N Spew Cafe – February 25, 2019 Word Of The Week – Marvel

BrewNSpew Café February 25/2019

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Word of the week marvel – (verb) – be filled with wonder or astonishment. Synonyms – stare, gape, goggle, admire, applaud. marvel – (noun) – a wonderful or astonishing person or thing. Synonyms – wonder, miracle, spectacle, genius. The marvel that is human spirit! Nature has endowed us with…


something’s got to give the compass can’t find its way we forgot where we live the calendar lost a day tuning forks out of tune it’s now eleventy o’clock someone stole the moon selfies speaking baby talk here’s to living forward same as it ever was here’s to looking backward same as it ever was…