Thru Violet's Lentz

My Christian name is Lucinda, but everybody calls me Lolly, that’s short for lollygagging ‘cause I’m what you might call a dilly-dallier, that means I can’t never get nowhere fast.

Mama says I started off fiddlin’ even before I was born, took me ten months to do what my sister Ladonna done in nine- and I might even believe her if she’d quit saying that’s why I’ll always be younger than Ladonna- ‘cause I know that part ain’t true.

Daddy says there’s nothing wrong with takin’ time to smell the roses, when I’m dawdling and he can tell it’s startin’ to get Mama’s goat- but that don’t stop him from cussin’ under his breath when I’m takin’ my own sweet time in the bathroom and he has to wait to get in there to take his morning constitutional.

My teacher, Miss Gibbons, told me…

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