BrewNSpew Café March 11/2019

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doldrums – (noun) – a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression. Synonyms – inactive, quiet, slow, slack, sluggish, subdued, inert, flat, dull.

After the winter doldrums we are ready to greet the spring

A plethora of activities are planned as the weather changes

This change is slow and reluctant, but surely there will be soon

The days of spring

The days where we will celebrate with festivals and picnics

Rides and walks out in the nature

Enjoying the green of the foliage, the brightly colored flowers

The canvas of the world painted with the magnificent artistry

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BrewNSpew Café March 11/2019



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  1. Thanks for sharing 🙏

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  2. Well done, I think we all have winter doldrums 🙂

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