The Sorrows Of Silence by AWISEWOMANSJOURNEY posted March 12, 2019

doldrums – (noun) – a state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression. Synonyms – inactive, quiet, slow, slack, sluggish, subdued, inert, flat, dull.


AWISEWOMANSJOURNEY, joined in my BrewNSpew Cafe March 12, 2019, word/expression of the week challenge utilizing the word, doldrums.

Reposted due to font color not legible on my blog’s background –

Each day a new day

the refreshment of new things

don’t always come to pass

some days the doldrums

of the sorrows of silence

take hold once again

as I long for the Presence

to speak the promises I await

but waiting to hear seems

to be my only fate

nature’s seasons are but months

but the soul’s seasons can be years

filled with so many tears

holding on can become a weary task

it is then I must drink from Hope’s flask

to continue on to my future’s promised destiny.

~ * ~

Photo Credit:  LiTRO


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