Happy St. Patrick’s Day


I play



blue hills

give thrills

and chills

no rain

or pain

will tame

my fun

well spun

and sun

green hats

St. Pat’s

true dat


In response to Paul’s Poetry Playground and the herrickelle, a poetic form he recently invented.

This weekend we’re on our way to Blue Ridge, Ga to enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

2016-03-12 11.12.58
2016-03-12 11.17.00


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13 responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Fantastic job, Eugenia! I really enjoyed your herrickelle.😊

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  2. Very nicely done. Now pass me a green beer please.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Eugenia. ♥

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  3. Interesting! So, a herrickelle is a poem with two-syllable, three-line stanzas? Fun to read! Wishing you a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Cheers!

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  4. Sounds as if there is going to be some festivity.❤

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  5. 15andmeowing

    Happy St. Patrick;s Day!

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