The day you delated the news of your transfer,

the tumultuous storm of thoughts turned my mind upside down.

I was certain that the death of our love was near,

but you pledged– we can make it through.

So, despite my insolent mind’s many a doubts, I believed you.

But now with you gone, my days are endless insipid doldrums.

Nobody to quarrel with, nobody to coax & cajole out of tantrums.

Different time zones, different continents.

Temptations you can resist, but what about natural appetence?

This screen is my resting place.

IMs and video calls my distress signals.

With parched lips, penury heart & impatient ears; I wait.

But all you have is work.

I want to, but I won’t confess.

‘It was only a kiss.’ I tell myself.

A moment of doubt, a weakness of flesh.

Nothing more, nothing less.


But what matters the severity…

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