Day: March 26, 2019


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we are building high walls around us so that we don’t let people inside… let us wait for someone to tap on the window and give us the flowers that are growing around our walls… BrewNSpewCafe

A Moment’s Reprieve

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BrewNSpew Cafe – Word Of The Week – Escapism In the depths of her heart’s forest she dawns her emerald green robe to see where her imagination will probe anywhere away from the reality of her life…a different day awakening to no new season when she feels she can’t go on…


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“Individualism is a form of escapism, if you refuse to take responsibility for another’s life and expect them to manage their own.” “But are others not happy with their freedom?” “Maybe, they need help. Can we dissociate ourselves from a collective human responsibility?” “No. But you need to differentiate exchange…