Climate Change

An Acrostic responding to challenge hosted by – dVerse Poetics – Geography

Character references required

Laughs amidst the inclement chaos

Isn’t mother nature the feisty one!

Makes one wish for escapism

A wiseacre forecast reflects confusion

Trending deluges of nature’s moodiness

Every living thing in harm’s way

Choices become a cumbersome task

Happenstance governs our fate

And those generations after us

Need they experience the same

Guesstimate of their existence?

Earth’s future a speculation



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12 responses to “Climate Change

  1. Well done! Must share…

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  2. Ennle Madresan

    Oh this is SO Good!

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  3. beautifully creative and a good message to be mindful of what we are doing now that affects the future

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