Month: April 2019


Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
the sun speaks to me every morningwhile the moon sulkswanting to pull me backin the uncertaintiesof a waxing and waning worldI choose lightI choose visibilityshadows turning to silhouettesthen faces with expressionstelling different storiestwo phases of the same worldI need to fill colorsin shadowy silhouettesI need to hear soundsfrom the world I…

i think im Hamlet tonight

Originally posted on words less spoken:
pain at sunrise can cost a slight loss of mind. angry and melancholy like the crazy Hamlet. i think of actions and confusion of morality. i’m a villain to myself. i am fearful that God has gone by me super-fast, like when it’s too late to move your car…


Originally posted on Go Dog Go Café:
By Charles Robert Lindholm I Will Never Be A Star A Celestial Body In The Midnight Sky Sending Out Rays Of Light Across The Vast Universe Nor Shall I Ever Be A Star On Earth For That Is Not The Goal I Seek Or Desire I Have A…